Globale aktioner mod G8-topmøde i Japan

Et overblik over aktioner mod G8-topmødet i Japan.

* Eat the G8 in Reykjavik, Iceland
Activists from Reykjavik organized a rallye in the city centre under the slogan "Eat the G8". Activists from the International Saving Iceland Comitee provided food and information.


*London (UK) Solidarity Protests Agains the G8 Summit, Japan 2008

- On Friday 4th and Saturday 5th there were a series of actions and protests in London against the G8 Summit in Hokkkaido: - Friday's picket outside the Japanese embassy in London - Report:

- From Monday 7th to Wednesday 9th there is a 'NO!G8 cafe' at the Bowl Court Squatted Social Centre, with daily screenings of footage from the protests in Japan, films and discussions: Source:


*Manila: Autonomous Activists Denounced Police Violence In Japan
A network of Anti-G8 protesters from various autonomous groups and collectives held silent protest infront Japanese Embassy in Manila, Tuesday noon, by unfurling banners denouncing police violence and corporate free trade at the G8 Summit in Hokkaido


*Anti-G8 filmnight in Berlin
Yesterday, Monday 7th there was a film screening at New Yorck/ Bethanien about history of social protests in Japan and current anti-G8 protest. Latest info was given and some discussions about the role of the radical left in Japan since 40 years. There was a bar running also collecting some money for japanese resistance


*Video G8: Demostrations in Kyoto and Tokio

The group is in japan to participate and report on the evolution of resistance.
Videos Demostrations in Tokio and Kyoto:
::Videos Way to Hokkaido::
::Video 1 "Landing and IRA"::
::Video 2 "noise in Narita"::
::Video 3 "The 8 group"::

Challenge to the G8 Governments

Below is the statement of more than 100 international, regional, national, and local organizations and individuals, challenging the G8 governments to acknowledge their responsibility for the food and climate crises and the continuing problem of debt, and take decisive action to: