"See You in Copenhagen"

9. november 2009. Klima-aktivister indvaderede i weekenden det danske konsulat i Venezia i protest mod de nyligt vedtagne indskrænkninger af forsamlings-og demonstrationsrettighederne:  "lømmelpakken".

* Læs aktivisternes protestresolution på engelsk

* Følg med i deres mobiliseringsaktiviteter til København i december 

Blokade foran det danske konsulat i Venedig i 2007 i soldaritet med ungdomshuset
Blokade foran det danske konsulat i Venedig i 2007 i soldaritet med ungdomshuset

The real "trouble-makers" are companies and the governments allied with them: we are not afraid of being on the right side.

Something Rotten in Denmark? -  a simple message to the Danish Government

By means of nothing else that our passion and our intelligence - brought on by our bodies - we want to open and legitimate independent political spaces in Copenhagen with all those delegates that want to stop governments and companies pushing for tricks that basically allow business-as-usual to keep on.


Today about forty activists from the Italian network “seeyouincopenhagen” have brought to the Danish Consulate in Venice a message. They did it as part of the worldwide mobilization started by CJA in order to stop the new law package “anti trouble-makers”.In fact, the perspective from which the Danish Government looks at the international mobilization of December is that of law and order, instead of that of justice and democracy.

We went to the Consulate to explain why this is an unacceptable shame on a democratic country like Danish, and, obviously, the simplest among messages to the Danish Government: your mission has not been accomplished, we are not afraid.

In a month thousands of delegates from all around the world will convene in Copenhagen for the largest conference on climate change the UN has ever held.
The enormous attention this event is raising is proportional to its far-reaching historical importance and the global scale of its impact: the ecological crisis, the crisis of the unlimited development paradigm and of the business-driven access to common natural assets, will determine the future horizons of life and conflicts worldwide.

How the companies approach to COP15 is perfectly clear. Their profit margins depend on delaying for as long as possible both the transition to low-carbon paradigm and radically decreasing the exploitation of natural resources.
While G-N summits have lost all of their authority with people, they will try to take full advantage of the UN aegis in order to keep the public debate around carbon and emissions trade, carbon offset, capitalization of natural assets and whatever else may effectively guarantee the business-as-usual. The recent forum organized in Brussels by Business Europe testifies this, along with the fact that governments are their natural allies.

Facing this, and fully recognizing that a government from the “South” is not counteracting this “smuggling” just because of being from the south, thousands of women and men will meet in Copenhagen. They will open and legitimate a new political space that is to be built with those UN delegates that will bring inside the conference all the conflicts and contradictions about the climate change and anthropic impact on the biosphere.

Is it for that reason that Yvo de Boer, the United Nations’ top climate-change official has declared “I don’t think we can get a legally binding agreement by Copenhagen [..] I think that we can get that within a year after Copenhagen.” ? In such a way, we are getting closer to the deadline (2012) of the only existing legally-binding gas-reduction targets.

They behave in a video-game, but the unavoidable game-over involves all of us and therefore we will not let the piano players to play this music. We will be in Copenhagen to reclaim back to the people the power of deciding about their own life.

The Danish Government looks like to be worried about that: they are making every effort in order to intimidate people, to limit the democratic freedom of civil disobedience and to weaken as much as possible the potential of mass actions.
The circumstances that could lead to at least 40 days of detention are fully discretionary: that means, from our point of view that being at the right place at the right moment will be a crime, that not to collaborate with cops will be a crime.
Actually, this is exactly our purpose: to be at the right place at the right moment not collaborating with the cops as long as the collaboration means to completely submit most of what we value to the business interests.

We will do that with nothing else than our passion and our intelligence, brought on by our bodies.

Definitely, see you all in Copenhagen not only unafraid – as only people on the right side can be – but even more determined to reclaim our independence from their unlimited-development logic.

40 days  before the civil disobedience mass action of December the 16th, this is our message to the Danish government.